Sankhubaba International | Services
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With our integrated working and thought processing through our core organizations. We offer Essential Oil and other oils which are the best suiting today’s need of hour


Our Infrastructure includes Steam Distillation units, High-quality expellers, High-end fractional distillation units, Mixing and Homogenous unit, CRYOGENIC MIXER CUM STORAGE UNIT, and our world-class laboratory with Gas Chromatograph, Mass Spectrometer, Refractometer and other instruments.


SBI’s storage facilities are designed to ensure that the quality standards maintained during production are retained during storage.


Inside our Company you will find a highly committed team of industry professionals with a genuine passion for our industry. We are known for our friendly approach to doing business, our commitment to reliability and our leadership in the supply of quality ingredients. The core ethical values upon which the foundations of the Company were built are still our guide today.