Sankhubaba International | About
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Sankhubaba International with its location in the Divine city – Haridwar which is also known as the Spiritual Center force and the Cosmetic Manufacturers Paradise of India is holistically engaged in the cultivation of High Altitude Aromatic Plants.


We have strategically selected this location for our production set-up and research centers so as to cherish the advantage of touching the most precious yet untouched region of Himalayan Range which is a rich reservoir of the wild organic variety of plants.


Our production unit at Haridwar is equipped with world class machinery and state of art facilities. Our manufacturing starts right from our own plantation area to packaging and dispatch facility – all at a single location. We have our research center also developed within the same premises. We follow stringent quality standards and manufacturing process to serve quality products to our clients.


The primary activity here besides cultivating high altitude aroma plantations is to develop suitable formulations based on essential oils & isolates for therapeutic need (Aromaceutical). This is achieved by developing a suitable methodology for important molecules through Molecular farming in an economic & sustainable way to meet the global requirement for three important senses namely a) Smell b) Taste c) touch.


Sankhubaba International has its own flagship store that is run under the Brand Name of “Sugandhim” showcasing novel fragrance delivery ideas along with a vast collection of aromatherapy essential oils and diffusers for complete well-being.